ACTION ALERT: Block the Exchanges

As 2014 approaches Obamacare is becoming a frightening reality. But the good news is there is still hope! FreedomWorks is a grassroots organization dedicated to the full repeal of Obamacare but they can’t do it with out the help of conservative activist like me and you. We must act before it is too late. See your states stance on weather or not they plan to set up the Obamacare Exchanges. If they have decided against it, it’s equally important to call your state official and applaud them for their patriotic act. If they have decided to set up the exchanges it is essential that you call your governor and let he or she know what that means for you, your family, and your income. Act now before its too late.




What if Families Handled Finances Like the Federal Government Does?


What if Families Handled Finances Like the Federal Government Does?

In 2010, median family income was $51,360. If a typical family followed the federal government’s lead, it would spend $73,319 and put 30 cents of every dollar spent on a credit card. This family would have racked up $325,781 in credit card debt—like a mortgage, only without the house. What credit card company would continue lending money to this family?

Michigan: Right to Work


First let’s define what a Right to Work state is: “of or pertaining to the right of workers to gain or keep employment whether or not they belong to a labor union.” ( this week Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) finally freed its workers from forced unionization, after decades of United Auto Workers control. The legislation simply gives workers the right to choose whether they want to pay into representation and receive it or not pay into it and intern not receive it. The people simply do not want their money supporting groups that are in direct violation of their beliefs. The legislation is not pro or anti-union it simply gives workers the right to choose whether or not they want part of their pay check to go to unions. This legislation makes Michigan the 24th right-to-work state in the nation.  Despite what the liberal media is telling you, the people of Michigan want to live under a right-to-work state, according to the Michigan View 51% approve a right-to-work Michigan while only 41% oppose. Not to mention that 40% of union households said they also support the legislation. Let’s also look at what the unions tried to pass recently in Michigan that failed miserably. Unions spent $23 million in campaigning for a proposal to amend the state constitution that would prevent right-to-work legislation from ever being passed, it failed by 15 points. Although the people of Michigan have spoken loud and clear over the years why are the liberal media and democrats in congress portraying this the complete wrong way? Calling Republicans as usual “racist, the devil” and making outrageous statements like the president did the other day “What we shouldn’t be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. We shouldn’t be doing that. These so-called “right to work” laws, they don’t have to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics. What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.” President Barack Obama. Right-to-work laws prevent unions from imposing mandatory fees, giving employees the right to work without paying union dues. Otherwise, right-to-work has no effect on collective bargaining. All other negotiations continue as before. The facts have been submitted, and sadly as always the liberals are succeeding in over powering the facts with their rhetoric. Kids haven’t gone to school in days because all the teachers are busy in violent protest drinking and smoking on the streets In front of the governor’s office. With offensive signs and stampedes towards the town hall the liberal media has yet to air this side of the protest. The three main news networks besides Fox has yet to report on the union protester who punched and attacked a Fox news contribute knocking out his teeth, then his mob proceeded to rip down a conservative tent and stomp on it. Can we all look back and remember how “angry, mean, violent, and out of hand” the tea-party activists were at their events (according to liberal media that is). Then I wonder how they would describe the union’s behavior.  My questions to the unions are why are you so worried? Because according to you, this was an act against the people, that the governor didn’t listen to the people, because everyone loves unions. Well then everyone is going to continue to pay their union dues right? I mean they’re so great and everyone loves them so you have nothing to worry about.  But they know deep down without forcing people into unionization they can’t grow and succeed as they want to. Let’s look at the facts not the rhetoric. A quarter of union employees said they would opt out of unions and stop paying dues if they were granted the choice. Losing that many workers would filter 100 million dollars back into the houses of hard working Michigan families and out of the hands of the unions. Wisconsin, Idaho, and Oklahoma freed their workers from forced unionization many of them can “finally” opt out of the unions. Making dues voluntary makes union organizers less aggressive. They get less financial benefit from organizing new firms, because they cannot force workers to pay them. Union organizing attempts drop 40 percent to 50 percent after states pass a right-to-work law, which attracts business investment. “Employers want to know unions will leave them alone if they treat their workers well. As a result, right-to-work states have lower unemployment rates—and more manufacturing jobs.” A statement released from the Heritage Foundation.  I couldn’t agree with the Governor more in his statements, and standing strong in position with his passed legislation. “If you step back and look at it, we’re losing a major competitive advantage. Indiana has become a right to work state. I’ve looked at their pipeline, and they’ve significantly increased the number of businesses looking to come to Indiana and grow in Indiana due to this legislation. It’s about being pro-worker. It’s about hard-working Michiganders having the freedom to choose who they associate with. The workers should have the ultimate decision: should they belong or not. It’s about the right thing for hard-working Michigan workers, and it’s the right thing for our economic growth. Why should workers have to pay into a union for representation they don’t want? Workers should have the freedom to decide how they spend their pay.” Said Governor Snyder.

Act Morally: Don’t Raise Debt Ceiling



Mr Obama had it right in 2006. What’s scary for me as a seventeen year old, is my future. My government is taking out loans in my name that I am going to have to repay at some point. Congress continues to borrow money without reforming major social programs for my generation, such as medicare and social security. Our government takes in over $2 Trillion per fiscal year and spends more than that. Congress should use the debt ceiling debate as an opportunity to advocate for a ten year path to balance and reform these social programs. In ten years from now I will be twenty-seven years old and I want my government to take morally meaningful action, so my generation can have a bright future. As a junior in high school looking into college, my future has never been more financially gloomy. I hope that in ten years from now, my family and I can be thankful my government took a moral stance against raising the debt limit without reforms. This can’t happen if Republicans and Democrats continue to fail at setting us on a 10 year path to balance, like Heritage Action for America is advocating for.